Suit Up Sunday: Mr. Darcy

Most of us have that go-to movie or book that makes us mushy or gets us out of a funk. Mine? Pride and Prejudice. Book or movie, I’m not picky. There’s something about Mr. Darcy. Particularly as played by the hunky Colin Firth.

Consider my butter melted.

I’ve loved the book since the first time I read it, way back in high school. Every time I read it, I find something else to love. For me, Darcy is the epitome of the romantic hero. Why? Because he’s flawed. He’s not perfect, but by golly, he thinks he is.

Until Lizzie gets ahold of him that is. *g*

And let’s not forget the other Darcy. You know, the one from Bridget Jones’s Diary. Also played by Colin Firth. What? I’m consistent!

Happy Sigh. I really am terribly easy to please most days. Give me a grumpy fella who looks great in a suit, who is charmed by (and possibly driven slightly crazy by) their romantic interest.

I’d love to write an M/M version of Pride and Prejudice some day. It’s on the to-do list, for sure.

Which romantic hero inspires you? Who would you love to write some day?

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