Manic Monday

One of the things I’m known for (quiet peanut gallery) is making lists. I like lists. If I don’t have lists, I forget things. I’m also very fond of spreadsheets, but that’s another post. Along with my list comes a very complicated system of email/phone/pop-up reminders on my laptop. Really, I have no excuses for forgetting things.

Why blather on about lists? Because one of my buddies asked me what I was working on at the moment and when I ran through the list, she got very quiet. (And not in the hunting wabbits kind of way). I got a little nervous, but when she finally regained her voice, she asked me how I kept everything straight. I assured her that I have my list.

And then, horror of horrors, what did I do this weekend? I tossed the list out the window. Okay, I really didn’t. I made sure it was backed up in google docs, and then I threw the printed version in the trash. (I haven’t totally lost my mind!)

Thing is, sometimes you need a fresh start. Last week, I was bogged down under minute details that did nothing but stress me out. I fretted, I worried, I whined and complained. Until I got rid of the list. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

One of the things that no one warns new writers about is the importance of prioritizing. Well, maybe someone has, but I’ve never seen it. Feel free to link me up!

At the moment, I have four major projects in the works. One book in edits with my publisher, the second in first draft edits with me, a third in first draft stage, and a free serial online read.

That’s a lot of balls in the air, and I’m not a juggler. Funnily enough, I actually finished my edits this weekend. Because I didn’t try to do twelve things at once. I stopped and focused. And crossed one thing off the list. (Oh come on, you know I had to reprint the list first thing this morning!)

Now why didn’t I think of that sooner?

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