Guest Post: Daniel B Johns-“The Average Joe”

 Guest Post for Flash Fic Friday “Inspired by Joe”

‘The Average Joe’
By Daniel B. Johns
 *** *** ***
 I take my laptop and begin my search for a ‘chat room’ that suits my needs. A buddy says there are many online sites to choose from, and of course, the one that catches my eye is titled, ADULT.
I click on it and find three more options:  GAY, LESBIAN, and MARRIED BUT LOOKING. Since I am not a lesbian, nor am I married, I click the third option.  I have always been curious as to what goes on in these ‘rooms’. Here is my chance.
My first instinct is to hit ESCAPE and LOG OFF, but something deep down inside makes me stop….
My curiousity?
My fear?
My raging boner?
I click on ENTER. This isn’t admitting anything, right?
Numerous chat boxes pop open immediately. I can’t decide who to talk to,so I close my eyes and point at the screen. There is the lucky one!  I swallow hard,and take a gulp of my water.
PETESMITH63: hey there average joe!
PETESMITH63: how are you this morning?
PETESMITH63: a man of few words. i like that!
PETESMITH63: what you looking for this morning?
*** *** ***
 Daylight Savings Time always screws with my sleep, so here I am wide-eyed at 6am on Saturday morning. I gulp more of my water and take a deep breath. It’s now or never.
Is this guy for real? Do guys just come right out and ask this stuff? What the hell do I do now?
Before I know it, my fingers start typing.
AVERAGEJOE: lookin 4 cock
PETESMITH63: lol…good answer.
AVERAGEJOE:  can you help me out?
PETESMITH63: out of?..your pants? the car? debt? talk to me!!!! lol
AVERAGEJOE: hmmmm…. all of the above! but I will start with me watching you jack off!
PETESMITH63: how do you know im doing that?
AVERAGEJOE: a wild guess!
PETESMITH63: pretty close
AVERAGEJOE: thought so. I like your sense of humor
PETESMITH63: thanks,you too.your quick
AVERAGEJOE: at some things…at others…I like to take my time
AVERAGEJOE: you hard?
PETESMITH63: almost…getting there talking to you
AVERAGEJOE: you need my mouth wrapped around that cock of yours?
PETESMITH63: i think i might
AVERAGEJOE: how bout teabaggin those balls of yours too?
PETESMITH63: now that sounds….soft and wet
AVERAGEJOE: from there I work my way up your shaft and tease that cock head
PETESMITH63: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
AVERAGEJOE: then up your belly and nibble a nipple…..or two
PETESMITH63: yikes… I belive I am … turned on now!
AVERAGEJOE: then…… I lick over your adams apple and up to a ear
PETESMITH63: now that feels goooood! feel me squirming?
AVERAGEJOE: then I kiss you
PETESMITH63: deeply i hope
AVERAGEJOE: any other way?
*** *** ***
 Everyone at work tells me that I need to get back out there. It is time to stop hiding and start dating again, but I just can’t bring myself to do that yet. I break out in a sweat at the thought of putting myself out there again. Call me paranoid, call me crazy, but I am just not ready. It’s too soon after the break-up.
I am content being single now and comfortable with being alone. I will admit that I get lonely sometimes. Sitting here chatting, with a total stranger, proves that point. I still dream of finding someone special again, but for now, THIS is my comfort zone.
PETESMITH63: well a soft wet one with lip nibbling is good sometimes…just sayin
AVERAGEJOE: that is a morning after kiss
PETESMITH63: well thats good then.. I believe I just spent the night
AVERAGEJOE: hope you are not to tired after last night
PETESMITH63: just look down and see for yourself…just sayin..
AVERAGEJOE: you hard and dripping yet?
PETESMITH63: for you!
AVERAGEJOE: where you thinking of putting that thing?
PETESMITH63: well… hows anywhere u want as an answer???
AVERAGEJOE: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. I do have a few places in mind
PETESMITH63: thats what i was hoping to hear
*** *** ***
 My own throbbing cock is in need of attention, and now!
I reach down with my right hand and hen peck my words with my left. This bold flirting is not only making me horny as hell, but it is making me brave. I want to know more. I want to do more. I want to watch him jack off.
PETESMITH63: well JOE…tell me a lil somthing about old.. body shpe… anything u wnt
AVERAGEJOE: lets see….. 37 yrs. old,6’1,250#,br/br….. how bout you?
PETESMITH63: Damn! 36,6’2,255#,br/br….. facial hair?
PETESMITH63: me too!
AVERAGEJOE: you on here alot?
PETESMITH63: about every weekend. U?
AVERAGEJOE: first time here
PETESMITH63: oh,a virgin! LOL
AVERAGEJOE: hardly,LOL…u chat with alot of guys here?
PETESMITH63: not really
*** *** ***
 This chat room stuff opens a new world for me, where apparently anything goes. In here, I can be whomever I want. Do whatever I want to do. I make the rules, and if things get to be too much…one click and I am gone.
AVERAGEJOE: U married?
PETESMITH63: not anymore. u?
AVERAGEJOE: nope. you str8?
PETESMITH63: not exactly
AVERAGEJOE: ever let another man touch you?
PETESMITH63: twice…years ago….but been wanting to try it again.
AVERAGEJOE: did u like it?
PETESMITH63: fuck yes! best BJ I ever had
AVERAGEJOE: lol….you know what they say
PETESMITH63: what?
AVERAGEJOE: only a man knows how to really please another man
PETESMITH63: I believe it! u stroking?
AVERAGEJOE: yes,and getting close
PETESMITH63: me too! wanna cam? we can cum together
*** *** ***
 This is the moment I have anticipated and dreaded all morning. The moment of truth. My mind suddenly fills with questions.
What are fucking ‘BOTS’?
Will he be tall, dark, and handsome?
What if this is a woman that just wants to watch guys jack off?
I take a chance, accept his invite to view, and in seconds I see him…just as he described. His hand wrapped around his hard cock, stroking it. My own dick gets harder just at the sight of him. It gets harder to type as I gaze at the screen and this gorgeous man before me. I feel the pressure build inside me, and I watch as he speeds up his rhythm.
“I’m Cummin’!” I scream out to no one and jump to my feet. The first two shots coat my screen and camera.
I watch his breath catch. He arches his hips just as the first rope of cum shoots from his body. A second and third quickly follow.
The next few seconds are a blur as my heart rate returns to normal. He smiles at me, and I cannot help but smile back.
AVERAGEJOE: best saturday morning i’ve had in a while. thanks
PETESMITH63: me too buddy
AVERAGEJOE: wanna meet here next saturday?
PETESMITH63: sounds like a date to me
AVERAGEJOE: see you then. I better get going. take care
PETESMITH63: you too
*** *** ***
 I log off, open a file of a photo he sent me, and watch as the trails of milky white protein run down it. I feel a loss for him already, one I didn’t expect. This truly is the best Saturday morning I have had in a while. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being average.
Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend…………………………………  ‘AVERAGEJOE’


  1. DAMN Danny!!! That was awesome! Hmmm, does Ben know about this? LOL
    Seriously…very HOT.

  2. Oh my! Naughty chat rooms! *fans self*

    Great job Danny!

  3. Hot, hot, hot! You had my eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

  4. Nice job Danny! Hmmm one handed peck huh?? Are you familiar with this? LOL

  5. I love the picture….and what a great story! You did a wonderful job.

  6. Wow Danny!! Very hot and smexy!! Loved it!!

  7. Wow, that was very hot! Loved it.

  8. Great job Danny! Loved it!

  9. I'll say it again, my Danny…I love it! I'll be your 'wing man' any time! lol
    *fans self*
    Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  10. Dang Danny *grabs the ice* That was HAWT *fans face* Does Ben know? LOL

  11. OMG – Danny Danny Danny…the way you built it up and then…WHAM! And I didn't mean any innuendo this time but geez louise! *fans face* Can I go back for seconds???

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