Suit Up Sunday: Levi Poulter Revisited

Everyone seemed so enamored of my first Levi post that I thought I’d do another one! In honor of my trip to the beach this week, I present…Levi in a bathing suit! *g* What? It counts as a suit! 

Now if you aren’t too distracted by the lovely that is Mr. Poulter, head on over to Chicks & Dicks to check out my post on the “Smell-A-Mate” Syndrome! 

Still with me? I thought so. Yesterday, I had a fantastic time over at Dreamspinner’s Facebook page talking about Mind Magic, my new release from Dreamspinner Press. The talk turned quickly to bacon, and there *might* have been a marriage proposal involved.

Coming up this week, I’m at Paranormal Paradigms talking about shifter tropes…and what happens to those pesky clothes when they shift!

Then I’m heading over to Fade Into Fantasy, where Simon and Gray are being interviewed…and Simon’s T-shirt collection becomes the object of discussion.

And if that’s not enough, I’m hanging out with M.J. O’Shea and Piper Vaughn over at Babes in Boyland with an exclusive excerpt from Mind Magic.

Whew! It’s a busy week, even for me! And now, I must go pack for the beach. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into Levi while I’m there and I can get some exclusive photos, just for us!

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