What’s Up Wednesday (Magic Mike, of course!)

Is anyone else chomping at the bit to go see Magic Mike? No? Just me?

I’d like to say I’ll be first in line, waiting at some midnight release of the movie…but I won’t! That’s past my bedtime! LOL

Instead, I’ll have to stay home and dream about my boyfriend Joe. (Lord, I wish! I’d so do bad things to that man!)

I’ll also be living with the little voices in my head. You know, as us writers tend to do. *winks* This week’s voice is that of Andrew.

Now he’s no Joe Manganiello, but I’m rather fond of him. The lovely Andrew is in over his head with a pack of wolves, but his story is coming along nicely. The working title is “Silver Lining”. You can find out more about Andrew’s story as well as what else I’m working on over at my Works In Progress page.

In other news, I’m super excited about Boxer Falls, A Gaytime Drama. Lots of great stuff going on over there! If you aren’t following it, you should be!

You can find previous episodes over at Boxer Falls. This month’s author lineup includes:
Ellis Carrington
Mary Calmes
Taylor Donovan
Anne Tenino
and me!

Well, that’s it from Poppy-land! Stay tuned for more info and feel free to drop me a line over at my website or in comments.

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