Suit Up Sunday: Mark Harmon

My love of Silver Foxes isn’t that big of a secret, and I must admit that Mark Harmon is one of my favorites. I mean, come on…that hair…those eyes…that smirk.

My butter is melted.

Add to that Gibbs having a gun and badge? And that DiNozzo head slap thing? I can’t help but love it.

But let me get back to that smirk. What is it about that little half grin that is just so darn sexy? Anyone? Someone? Help me out here, but it gets me every time!

Pair that smirk with the sexy entirely black suit? *purrs* Really, I didn’t even know I liked that look until I saw it on Mark Harmon.

*Dreamy Sigh* He’s just so handsome. I need to write a character inspired by him.

With the eyes…and the hair…and that little crooked grin.

So other than “looks”, what really turns you on? I’m into the twinkly eyes and smirky grins. (Clearly)

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