Suit Up Sunday: Chad Allen

Next up in my 80’s flashback series of Suit Up Sunday, is teen heartthrob Chad Allen. True confession time: I had so many pictures of this guy hanging on my bedroom wall. Seriously. If he was in Tiger Beat or whatever magazine for tweens was on the shelf, I had to have it. Sigh. I had such a crush on him!

It all started wen I first saw Chad on the TV show “Our House”. See, my mom had watched Days of Our Lives for years with Deidre Hall. Well, when mom found out Deidre was going to be on a new show, we had to watch it.

And so began my teenage crush!

Chad was on several other shows over the years (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman comes to mind…Cowboy!Chad…YES PLEASE!)

It didn’t hurt at all that Chad just happens to be my age! We sort of grew up together in a way.

And boy howdy did he ever grow up nicely!

These days, Chad Allen is out as a gay man and plays many gay roles. He even played a gay character on General Hospital: Night Shift (and some of you know how much I love me some GH!).

So who was your tweenage crush? Which Tiger Beat pictures did you carefully tear out and tape to your bedroom wall?

Come on….you can tell me. 🙂