What’s Up Wednesday? (The Thursday Edition)

Well, I *meant* to update my blog yesterday. I really did. But there was shiny…

As a result, I’m doing What’s Up Wednesday on Thursday. Which pretty much sums up my week. I’ve been so busy I don’t even know what day it is!

The biggest busy? The garden. It’s that time of year and the crops are coming in faster than we can keep up. This week we put up 10 bushels of corn. For those non-gardeners among us, that means picking the corn, husking the corn, silking the corn, washing the corn, cutting the corn off the cob, and finally…canning it. Crazy process, but I can’t argue with the results!

It was a great writing week though. My works in progress is up to date, and I’ve almost got two novellas knocked out. Now on to the editing part of the process, which is most un-fun for me.

You can follow my process through my Works In Progress page.

The next item on the agenda is a short piece for Kool Queer Lit. They’re having a really fun month over there in August, with lots of smuttastic offerings planned. I’m excited to be part of it, and can’t wait to see what naughtiness my brain comes up with for this one. I have an inspiration image in mind already. *eyebrow wiggle* I just love those inspiration images.

In other news, are you following the submissions for the Rainbow Awards?  What an amazing list. Over 300 entries at last count. I love checking out lists like this to find stories in my favorite sub-genres that I might have missed. Good stuff! My to-read list grows ever time Elisa posts an update!

One of the random shiny things I’ve stumbled across is the sock bun curling method. Yeah. Sock bun. You apparently can whip your hair up in a bun over night using a sock and you get beautiful curls as a result. Let the experiment commence. I think I’m going to try it tonight for kicks and giggles. I’ll try to take some pictures. No promises. LOL But here’s video proof that it works.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.

A Garden a Day…

I’ve been a busy Poppy over the past week. It’s gardening season and the first batch of crops is in. I’ve been shucking corn, snapping green beans, and prepping tomatoes. We can all of it, and it’s been a bountiful season so far! Yesterday’s yield included 19 quarts of tomatoes. We’re going to make salsa and marinara sauce with the next batch!
Tomatoes on the vine from Wiki
As these things do, the time away let me spend some time pondering my writing. I’m sure there are a million analogies that compare gardening and writing (planting a seed, watching it grow, harvesting…perhaps?) but for me, this week’s epiphany came from what to do with all those darn tomatoes.
If you’ve never preserved fresh tomatoes, there’s a whole process involved. First, you wash them then you put the tomatoes in boiling water for a bit. When they’re nice and hot, you scoop them out and dunk them in an ice water bath.
And that’s when the fun begins. The hot/cold water combination softens the skin and makes them easy to peel. Once they’re cool, you cut out the core and peel the skin off. Chop them to whatever size you require and voila! Tomatoes ready for preserving.
It got me thinking though. If writing is my harvest, I suppose the first draft is my crop. But that’s only the beginning. I still have to do the preserving, or the editing.
I’ve learned something valuable as I’ve been editing my first novel: Editing is not fun. Neither is prepping tomatoes, in case you’re wondering. But when the words are all cleaned up, dunked in proverbial hot water and all the crud stripped away, what you’re left with is something usable that will last for years to come.
There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a tomato off the vine and slicing it up for a sandwich, but I’d like to think all the hard work I’ve put into my writing is going to be around for years. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?
It remains to be seen if all that hard work will pay off. I can tell you that all 19 quarts of tomatoes kept their seal for 24 hours so they’ll be going into the pantry for us to whip out next time we want a big pot of tomatoy goodness.
As I get my novel ready for submission to a publisher, I think I’ll keep the tomato analogy in mind. It takes a lot of work, but man, the results sure are worth it!