Special Announcement: Gay Romance Revue

+Rick Reed , +Paul Richmond , and Poppy 

Friday was an exciting day in Poppy-land! A month or so back, I attended the Dreamspinner Author’s Workshop in Chicago. Some of you might have seen some of the blackmail photos that were posted on Facebook from that weekend.

The Meaty Legend

I had a blast with all of the authors I spent time with over those few days, but +Jacob Flores+Rick Reed+MJ O’Shea and I really had a blast hanging out together. I’ve not laughed so hard in a long time.

You really can’t get a group of Gay Romance Authors together and have us order a pizza called “The Meaty Legend” and not expect massive amounts of laughter!

Poppy and +Jacob Flores 

The best part of the weekend was how it all ended up swirling together into a really amazing idea. We didn’t want to leave (MJ and Rick are trying to bribe Jacob and I into moving to Seattle!) so we figured out a way to keep talking…and we decided to share those conversations with our friends and fans.

We’re calling the group Gay Romance Revues and plan on talking about books (of course!), current events, and anything else that strikes our fancy! We recorded the very first episode on Friday, and it’s been uploaded to youtube for your viewing pleasure!

So take a look and let us know what you think!

Gay Romance Revue Episode 1