Suit Up Sunday: Joe Manganiello Revisited

alcide suit
Joe Manganiello in a Suit. Drool.

So, summer is upon us and my television schedule is almost complete. Some of y’all know I’m not a big TV watcher. The exception is Teen Wolf and True Blood. Only one more week before the new season of True Blood premiers and I can’t wait! Why? Well, a couple reasons really. This guy is the first.

Oh man. He does *nice* things to a suit, doesn’t he? He could do nice things to me too….

I just want to look at him. Admire the pretty, pretty muscles. I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to pet him. Can someone out there set that up for me?

I want to lick right….there.


I’ll wait…

Okay, so since I’ll probably be waiting for a while, I’ll tell ya that this sexy fella is such a great scowly werewolf character that he often inspires my own paranormal characters. Seriously. He’s inspiring.


I just…I can’t even.

I heart him. And in one week, I will get to see him on True Blood again.

Guest Post: Daniel B Johns-“The Average Joe”

 Guest Post for Flash Fic Friday “Inspired by Joe”

‘The Average Joe’
By Daniel B. Johns
 *** *** ***
 I take my laptop and begin my search for a ‘chat room’ that suits my needs. A buddy says there are many online sites to choose from, and of course, the one that catches my eye is titled, ADULT.
I click on it and find three more options:  GAY, LESBIAN, and MARRIED BUT LOOKING. Since I am not a lesbian, nor am I married, I click the third option.  I have always been curious as to what goes on in these ‘rooms’. Here is my chance.
My first instinct is to hit ESCAPE and LOG OFF, but something deep down inside makes me stop….
My curiousity?
My fear?
My raging boner?
I click on ENTER. This isn’t admitting anything, right?
Numerous chat boxes pop open immediately. I can’t decide who to talk to,so I close my eyes and point at the screen. There is the lucky one!  I swallow hard,and take a gulp of my water.
PETESMITH63: hey there average joe!
PETESMITH63: how are you this morning?
PETESMITH63: a man of few words. i like that!
PETESMITH63: what you looking for this morning?
*** *** ***
 Daylight Savings Time always screws with my sleep, so here I am wide-eyed at 6am on Saturday morning. I gulp more of my water and take a deep breath. It’s now or never.
Is this guy for real? Do guys just come right out and ask this stuff? What the hell do I do now?
Before I know it, my fingers start typing.
AVERAGEJOE: lookin 4 cock
PETESMITH63: lol…good answer.
AVERAGEJOE:  can you help me out?
PETESMITH63: out of?..your pants? the car? debt? talk to me!!!! lol
AVERAGEJOE: hmmmm…. all of the above! but I will start with me watching you jack off!
PETESMITH63: how do you know im doing that?
AVERAGEJOE: a wild guess!
PETESMITH63: pretty close
AVERAGEJOE: thought so. I like your sense of humor
PETESMITH63: thanks,you too.your quick
AVERAGEJOE: at some things…at others…I like to take my time
AVERAGEJOE: you hard?
PETESMITH63: almost…getting there talking to you
AVERAGEJOE: you need my mouth wrapped around that cock of yours?
PETESMITH63: i think i might
AVERAGEJOE: how bout teabaggin those balls of yours too?
PETESMITH63: now that sounds….soft and wet
AVERAGEJOE: from there I work my way up your shaft and tease that cock head
PETESMITH63: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
AVERAGEJOE: then up your belly and nibble a nipple…..or two
PETESMITH63: yikes… I belive I am … turned on now!
AVERAGEJOE: then…… I lick over your adams apple and up to a ear
PETESMITH63: now that feels goooood! feel me squirming?
AVERAGEJOE: then I kiss you
PETESMITH63: deeply i hope
AVERAGEJOE: any other way?
*** *** ***
 Everyone at work tells me that I need to get back out there. It is time to stop hiding and start dating again, but I just can’t bring myself to do that yet. I break out in a sweat at the thought of putting myself out there again. Call me paranoid, call me crazy, but I am just not ready. It’s too soon after the break-up.
I am content being single now and comfortable with being alone. I will admit that I get lonely sometimes. Sitting here chatting, with a total stranger, proves that point. I still dream of finding someone special again, but for now, THIS is my comfort zone.
PETESMITH63: well a soft wet one with lip nibbling is good sometimes…just sayin
AVERAGEJOE: that is a morning after kiss
PETESMITH63: well thats good then.. I believe I just spent the night
AVERAGEJOE: hope you are not to tired after last night
PETESMITH63: just look down and see for yourself…just sayin..
AVERAGEJOE: you hard and dripping yet?
PETESMITH63: for you!
AVERAGEJOE: where you thinking of putting that thing?
PETESMITH63: well… hows anywhere u want as an answer???
AVERAGEJOE: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. I do have a few places in mind
PETESMITH63: thats what i was hoping to hear
*** *** ***
 My own throbbing cock is in need of attention, and now!
I reach down with my right hand and hen peck my words with my left. This bold flirting is not only making me horny as hell, but it is making me brave. I want to know more. I want to do more. I want to watch him jack off.
PETESMITH63: well JOE…tell me a lil somthing about old.. body shpe… anything u wnt
AVERAGEJOE: lets see….. 37 yrs. old,6’1,250#,br/br….. how bout you?
PETESMITH63: Damn! 36,6’2,255#,br/br….. facial hair?
PETESMITH63: me too!
AVERAGEJOE: you on here alot?
PETESMITH63: about every weekend. U?
AVERAGEJOE: first time here
PETESMITH63: oh,a virgin! LOL
AVERAGEJOE: hardly,LOL…u chat with alot of guys here?
PETESMITH63: not really
*** *** ***
 This chat room stuff opens a new world for me, where apparently anything goes. In here, I can be whomever I want. Do whatever I want to do. I make the rules, and if things get to be too much…one click and I am gone.
AVERAGEJOE: U married?
PETESMITH63: not anymore. u?
AVERAGEJOE: nope. you str8?
PETESMITH63: not exactly
AVERAGEJOE: ever let another man touch you?
PETESMITH63: twice…years ago….but been wanting to try it again.
AVERAGEJOE: did u like it?
PETESMITH63: fuck yes! best BJ I ever had
AVERAGEJOE: lol….you know what they say
PETESMITH63: what?
AVERAGEJOE: only a man knows how to really please another man
PETESMITH63: I believe it! u stroking?
AVERAGEJOE: yes,and getting close
PETESMITH63: me too! wanna cam? we can cum together
*** *** ***
 This is the moment I have anticipated and dreaded all morning. The moment of truth. My mind suddenly fills with questions.
What are fucking ‘BOTS’?
Will he be tall, dark, and handsome?
What if this is a woman that just wants to watch guys jack off?
I take a chance, accept his invite to view, and in seconds I see him…just as he described. His hand wrapped around his hard cock, stroking it. My own dick gets harder just at the sight of him. It gets harder to type as I gaze at the screen and this gorgeous man before me. I feel the pressure build inside me, and I watch as he speeds up his rhythm.
“I’m Cummin’!” I scream out to no one and jump to my feet. The first two shots coat my screen and camera.
I watch his breath catch. He arches his hips just as the first rope of cum shoots from his body. A second and third quickly follow.
The next few seconds are a blur as my heart rate returns to normal. He smiles at me, and I cannot help but smile back.
AVERAGEJOE: best saturday morning i’ve had in a while. thanks
PETESMITH63: me too buddy
AVERAGEJOE: wanna meet here next saturday?
PETESMITH63: sounds like a date to me
AVERAGEJOE: see you then. I better get going. take care
PETESMITH63: you too
*** *** ***
 I log off, open a file of a photo he sent me, and watch as the trails of milky white protein run down it. I feel a loss for him already, one I didn’t expect. This truly is the best Saturday morning I have had in a while. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being average.
Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend…………………………………  ‘AVERAGEJOE’

Guest Post: Karen M Candido-“Mr Clean”

Guest Post for Flash Fic Friday “Insired by Joe”
“Mr Clean” By Karen M Candido
“Why are you taking a picture of me while I’m eating?” Joe said putting down his sandwich
“Because Mom has been complaining she wants more pictures of her future son-in-law. So, I am taking as many pictures as possible. Hopefully that will get her off my back.” Gabe said placing the camera back into his pocket.
Joe rolled his eyes “Seriously? You really think she wants pictures of me eating?”
“That’s the point isn’t it? Give her more pictures than she wants and she’ll leave me alone for awhile.” He held out his hand to help Joe up. “Now, come on, I want to get some of you cleaning the house.”
Joe grabbed his hand and started laughing, pulling himself up. “You just want to get out of doing your half of the cleaning.”
Gabe pouted. “How can you say that? I’m just trying to get some pictures!”
Joe pulled Gabe close to him. “Babe,” leaning in and giving him a soft kiss, “I know you better than that.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright, let’s go then and get this over with.” He took the keys out of his pocket and started walking towards the car swinging his jean clad hips a little more than usual.
“And no using sexual favors this time either!” Joe said following Gabe along and throwing the rest of his sandwich into a garbage can on the sidewalk.
Gabe used the key fob and unlocked the doors of the car. Leaning against the roof he said, “Take all the fun out of it why don’t you?” he groused.
“Oh, I don’t know. Im sure we can have some “fun” with the cleaning.” Joe said pulling the car door open. 
“You never know what might be dirty.” He smiled at Gabe.
“Now you’re talking my language!” Gabe jumped in the car, buckled his seatbelt and started the car at once. “Hurry up and get in here! We have to go clean!”
Joe got in the car and leaned over the console towards Gabe. Whispering into his ear he said “I think I know what might be dirty.” He moved his hand down to Gabe’s crotch and rubbed hard.
Gabe let out a little gasp as his head thudded against the head rest. “Yeah, definitely dirty.” He said thrusting his hips towards Joes’ hand.
Joe kept rubbing in little circles feeling Gabe’s cock growing harder. “Are you sure its dirty? I seem to remember cleaning it this morning in the shower?”
“No” Gabe panted, “Its dirty again…very, very, dirty.”
“tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, I’ll have to be extra vigil this time cleaning it.” Joe leaned back into his seat, adjusting his own tight jeans now.
Gabe lifted his head up and looked at Joe. “You’re a tease, you know that?” Shifting in his seat he put the car into park and started to drive away.
“Oh, Im going to deliver don’t worry. Once, you clean the bathroom. Then, you’ll get your reward. One you will never forget.” Joe said watching Gabe drive the car towards home.
“Then just call me Mr. Clean” Gabe said with a grin, hitting the gas just a little bit more.

Flash Fic Friday: Hasta La Vista (Inspired by Joe)

I noticed his height first. Commanding. His walk, controlled. Robotic. The Terminator searching for Connor comma Sarah. His eyes flitted over each man in the darkened bar. Scan, reject. Scan, reject. Scan, reject.

Then his eyes met mine. Locked and loaded. He began to make his way through the crowded room, target sighted. I leaned back against the wall, pinned by the power of his stare.  No escape, not that I particularly wanted to.

It only took a few moments for his long legs to get him to where I stood. The crowd parted for him, knife through butter. Nothing between us but the throbbing bass of the latest dance hit. I watched him through my bangs, the highlighted chunks keeping me partially hidden from his view.

He scowled. His hand came up and cupped my chin. He forced me to look up. Had his grip been any firmer, I would have jerked away and aimed a well placed kick at his…well, at his knees. I doubt I’d be able to kick as high as his family jewels in these jeans.

He searched my face, his dark brown eyes boring into me, examining my soul. I shook off that fanciful notion and stared right back. The music changed to a slower throbbing beat. Strobe lights flashed, highlighting his strong jaw. He released my chin and stepped back, one step further with each blink of the white lights.

His hand came up, and he wiggled his finger. Told me to follow him in a simple gesture.

I could hear Arnold’s voice in my mind. Come with me if you want to live.

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. Bit down on it. “Fuck it.”

The corner of his mouth turned up in a smile. He spun around and push through the writhing bodies of the dancers. I tried to follow, kept my eyes on his broad shoulders. Easy enough. With his impressive height, he towered over everyone else on the dance floor.

The distance between us grew wider with each step he took. The dancers who slithered out of his way seemed to twist right into my path. I took more than one elbow to the gut as I tried to squeeze between them.

I took my eyes off him, just for a minute, to navigate the sea of men who shimmied against each other. I could smell their heat, the sweat and cologne mixing in a way that stirred my already interested dick. No one caught my eye. I was ensnared already, a sparrow to the prowling cat.

A hand groped my ass. I jerked around to catch the culprit but no one seemed to be trying to get my attention. I ran my palm over my leather pants to brush away any offending fingerprints. When I looked up, he was watching, his eyes on my hand as it caressed my body.

I wanted to tease. Needed to see heat in his gaze. I ran my fingers over the net shirt covering my abs, lifted it up just enough to show the tanned muscles on my belly. My hair fell across my forehead and hid my eyes. A little scowl formed between his eyebrows.

I began to sway with the music, twisting my hips and raising my arms over my head. With each movement, I worked my way closer to him. This time he waited. Locked and loaded. I could see his body’s response to me and I reveled in it.

News at 11: Bobby Got His Man

He definitely fell into the sinner, not saint club. His response to my strip tease was to pull off his own shirt.

His muscles bulged in all the right places. I’ve won a prize. First place, with honors. Damn. The man had muscles on his muscles. His jeans rode low on his hips. I began to push my way more forcefully through the crowd. No more Mr. Nice Bobby.

By the time I reached him, he’d gone back to his earlier smug expression. The heat was still in his eyes, though. I could tell that he wanted me. I consider myself a novice at this type thing. I’m no virgin by any means, but I’ve never really felt heat all the way from the tips of my shaggy blond hair to the tips of my recently pedicured toe nails.

No, I don’t paint my toe nails. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I hate having werewolf claws for toes. It’s a big turn off. I wanted to see his feet, maybe lick his toes. If they were neatly trimmed of course.

Then again, there wasn’t much on him I didn’t want to lick, bite, tease, or taste.

My blood pounded through my veins. My heart pounded with excited anticipation. Now that he had me, what would he do to me?

My answer came faster than I’d imagined. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me close. Leaned in until his warm lips brushed my ear. “Tease,” he whispered.

The word was enough to make my knees weak. His voice, so deep, the rumble vibrating into me. God, my mind fell so fast into the gutter. I wanted to bend over for him, right in the middle of the dance floor. Let him have his way with me. And I hadn’t even been drinking. No excuses.

He released my hips and grabbed my hand. Led me to the back door of the club. A red bar stretched across the handle. “Do not open. Alarm will sound.”

Yeah, right. Everyone knew better. It might as well have been a revolving door to the alley.
Everything in me began to tingle with the dark thrill of what was about to happen. Hell, I didn’t even know for sure. What would he do? Just push me to my knees and shove his cock down my throat? Would he shove me against the wall, jerk my pants down, and bury himself inside me?

I needed to know. Wanted to find out.

The alley had little light, but he seemed to find his way over and around the obstacles without any hesitation. I could hear the sound of other men having their own trysts. Grunts and groans. I’d be making some of those sounds myself. Soon, I hoped.

He found a relatively sheltered spot, not that anyone who wanted to sneak a peak wouldn’t be able to spy on us easily enough.

He pushed me against the wall. My back thumped against it. A little thud, not painful, but forceful enough to let me know he meant business.

His hand caressed me. Down my arms, over to my rib cage. God, to the snap of my jeans.


And then the zipper.

Oh god. All my blood pooled into my groin, my cock pushed against the leather. Wanting to be free.

He reached into my pants. Pulled me out.

My groan echoed throughout the alley. It was loud even to my ears. I wondered if everyone stopped to watch. Hoped they might. Wanted them to see him at my feet.

He stroked, one long hard pull from base to tip. “Gorgeous.”

That voice again. It did me in. I wanted to be good for him, be more than that to him.

He dropped to his knees and I whimpered. This wasn’t what I expected from the big guy. I’d expected another encounter like I’d had before. I was always the givee.

Not with him. I shuddered. His hot breath teased the sensitive skin of my thigh.

Please, please don’t let him stop.

He didn’t. His hot tongue lapped at the skin of my thigh, edged closer and closer to my cock. He nuzzled his nose against me and teased licked one long swipe from base to tip.

He grabbed around the bottom of my length, closed it tight in his fist, and pulled my cock away from my body. He looked up at me. My legs quivered in response. He opened his mouth and sucked me in deep.

“Oh god. Oh god.”

I didn’t realize I’d spoken aloud until I met his gaze and saw him smirking around me.

Not funny. But I couldn’t scold him. He looked so beautiful in the moonlight and my thoughts were scattered from the unbelievable pleasure. I brought my hand down to his dark hair, threaded my fingers through it carefully. I didn’t pull, even if I really wanted to just give it a tug and force his mouth further onto me.

He swept his tongue around the sensitive tip, nibbled it very gently. “Oh god. Oh my fucking god.”

He laved the slit before kneeling back just far enough for me to slip from his mouth. I whimpered again, looked down at him and prepared to beg.

“What the…”

He smiled up at me. Fangs gleaming in the pale light.

Incredible pleasure turned into white hot pain when he struck, bit down on my upper thigh, right where the thick vein of my artery lay hiding beneath my skin.

I started to scream, but his long arm came up and covered my mouth. So fucking strong. He held my head pinned as he drank me down. His other hand began to stroke me. The sensations confused me, the pleasure and pain colliding in a maelstrom of mixed messages.

I struggled, but got no where. After a long moment, his teeth slipped from me. He grinned, his teeth stained dark from my blood. “Very tasty.”

My knees buckled beneath me. He lowered me to the ground. Debris pressed against my back. He kissed his way up my torso to my neck. Stars flashed in front of my eyes, little pin pricks of light. I didn’t know where they came from. He met my eyes again. “So beautiful. Mine, now.”

Hasta la vista, baby.

Suit Up Sunday: Joe Manganiello

A lot of writers “cast” their books with models and actors. I’m one of them. For me, it’s an easy way to keep certain details of my characters appearance in mind.

Take, for example, the absolutely incredibly handsome Joe Manganiello. Really, the man is too delicious for words. Very inspiring.

In fact, he’s so inspiring Silvia Violet and I are hosting an event this week where we are challenging other authors to write an original story based on an image of Joe.

You can learn more about the event here:

Next Friday, March 11, is “Joe Day” and we’ll be having a blog roll for all of the Joe inspired stories.

Should be a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

So who inspires you?