Special Announcement: Gay Romance Revue

+Rick Reed , +Paul Richmond , and Poppy 

Friday was an exciting day in Poppy-land! A month or so back, I attended the Dreamspinner Author’s Workshop in Chicago. Some of you might have seen some of the blackmail photos that were posted on Facebook from that weekend.

The Meaty Legend

I had a blast with all of the authors I spent time with over those few days, but +Jacob Flores+Rick Reed+MJ O’Shea and I really had a blast hanging out together. I’ve not laughed so hard in a long time.

You really can’t get a group of Gay Romance Authors together and have us order a pizza called “The Meaty Legend” and not expect massive amounts of laughter!

Poppy and +Jacob Flores 

The best part of the weekend was how it all ended up swirling together into a really amazing idea. We didn’t want to leave (MJ and Rick are trying to bribe Jacob and I into moving to Seattle!) so we figured out a way to keep talking…and we decided to share those conversations with our friends and fans.

We’re calling the group Gay Romance Revues and plan on talking about books (of course!), current events, and anything else that strikes our fancy! We recorded the very first episode on Friday, and it’s been uploaded to youtube for your viewing pleasure!

So take a look and let us know what you think!

Gay Romance Revue Episode 1

Poppy’s Birthday Bash: MJ O’Shea Talks Larry Stylinson

Day two of the 12 Days of Poppy has arrived, and with it comes the sparkly that is M.J. O’Shea. M.J. is one of those gals who believes in pink and glitter and being your own damn self. I love her for it, and she’s taught me a lot over the course of our friendship. She’s also brought to our friendship the love that is Larry Stylinson. 
Now, I’m not normally one to speculate on the love lives of celebrities, but Louis and Harry…I just can’t seem to help myself! Larry is real, dangit! Here to prove why my obsession is based on some facts and not just conspiracy theories and speculation, is the gal who got me into the obsession in the first place! 

12 Reasons why Poppy thinks Larry Stylinson is real:)
(in no particular order)
MJ O’Shea here!  Hey….
Soo, how to begin? First of all, Embarassing confession: I’ve always had a thing for boy bands. Shhhh. Don’t tell. Lol. But really, they’re so fun. The matching sweaters, the dance moves, the slightly corny music…what’s not to like, right? Anyway, to celebrate our love of all things choreographed, harmonized, and color coordinated my co-author Piper Vaughn and I decided to put down our rockstars temporarily and write a boyband book. Oh yes we are. It had to be done:) For “research”, we watched about 500 backstreet boys and Nsync videos (because it was necessary okay?) but after I was done drooling over Nick Carter (<3 sigh), I happened to come across a little phenomenon called “Larry Stylinson”. I showed Piper, and being the mm writers we are, we both thought omfg what IS this??? After that a slight…okay, maybe a little less than slight obsession was born:) I then shared it with Poppy who I’m sure curses me for it on a daily basis and yeah. That’s about it!
If you’re not aware of the Larry, I’ll try to sum up: Larry Stylinson basically equals Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles of the boy band One Direction. We’re all going to pretend that I didn’t just admit I listen to One Direction, okay? Shhhh. Like at this point it’s a big secret. Anyway…Here’s the thing with these two: they kinda really act like they’re in love. There’s actually a fairly large section of the fan base who seriously believe that they’re in love. Not a cutesy “bromance”, or “just effing make out and get it over with” but real actual love. Like the stuff we read and write about every day.
Now, if you’ve never watched any One Direction footage, I suggest you do. It’s very entertaining. Hehe. Let’s just say there’s a reason that, as a group, they’ve been called “undeniably adorable yet intensely homoerotic” before. Uh…because they all are. Both of those things. It’s like five way puppy love. Thing is, these two boys (Harry and Louis) take it just a step – or maybe two hundred steps – further than the rest of them do.
I’ll be honest. For me, the jury is still out on what “the truth” is.  I do, however, find it extremely and undeniably entertaining… and occasionally quite convincing.
So without further ado, here are the 12 reasons why Miss Poppy believes in the love that is Larry <3 
1. Heart Eyes and Hungry Staring
These two stare at each other constantly. Seriously. To the point where it’s sometimes almost uncomfortable to watch (like Molly Ringwald movie embarrassing, I swear) Of course there are about a gazillion pictures of the staring…like really. Gazillion. Maybe even more. I’ll only share a few for posterity.  The stares typically come in two categories:
 One is: “You’re so perfect, you can’t really be real, I love you till it hurts, how do you even exist?”
 And the other is well, basically…. “I want to eat you.”  Believe me. You’ll see.
For newbies, Harry is the one with the dark curls and Louis kind of looks like…peter pan?
tumblr_lzyx3sczOA1rqsk67o1_500.gif  And time stands still…. Awwww. Lol.
tumblr_m1n641EhIz1r0e0bq.gif  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
tumblr_m6hvrkuqOw1r3wk77o1_500.jpg  Umm guys? You’re like on a TV show. Save it for later.
tumblr_m2lhg3eBiI1qbhk9c.gif   Okay, seriously this makes me laugh every time. It’s like Harry’s contemplating what sauces would taste best on Louis. Personally, I’d go with honey.
tumblr_m2jmma679n1rpm0jao1_500.gif  yeah…lol. Harry’s hungry a lot.
tumblr_m4tmexEbJh1rqtr9uo1_500.gif   This is like sparkly rainbow lovey sunshine 🙂
tumblr_lyyl00nVNO1qe7qpso1_500.gif   Sigh, Louis you’re so wonderful I can’t even handle it…
tumblr_mdm2d4aOx91ru52jc.gif  Same look…different guy. Le Sigh.
S640x480  Hungry? Thirsty? Secret Vampire? You decide.
Okay, okay..lol. No more. But there are SO MANY!!! That was just the sprinkling of snow on the tip of the iceberg. Next topic!!! Onward and ummm… upward? Snort.
Poppy: You know, I’ll be 38 here in a few days, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had anyone look at me as intensely as these two guys look at each other! You’ve got to admit, the heart eyes have to mean at the *very* least that they care about each other very much. ‘Course, I choose to believe that that caring is love. You can decide for yourself.
2. Near Kisses and (yikes!) Near Misses
Near Kisses: There have been a number of occasions where it looks like Harry and Louis are leaning in for a romantic smooch but then mentally check themselves when they realize they’re in public…poor babies having to hide their love. Lol. For reals though this one makes me wonder. I can’t come up with another explanation for why their mouths have to be .001 inches away from each other…like ever. And they are. A lot. Once is an accident boys, two is a coincidence. 500 times is Larry Stylinson. (and I’m not going to even start with the kisspering. No, you don’t have to have your lips ON someone’s ear and your whole body squished to theirs to whisper…I promise).
tumblr_m52c62DXLC1qjryvto3_500.png  ummmm, that’s not his ear
tumblr_m2gfja7o3H1r6943u.gif  Bonus for heart eyes <3
tumblr_m4i5pgcvNP1r8qqwno1_500.gif there are actual videos of this out there. I’m lazy.
tumblr_m2yqxiJs091qkf2j5o1_500.gif cheek kissing just for awwwww
tumblr_m2wr26rrUA1qf45iv.jpg  (not kissing but I love their hugs. They hug so… intensely? Adorable)
Near Misses:  In the Larry fandom there is a word that’s spoken, kind of a code word for “the jig is up Harry and Louis. You’re not straight but good try”. That word is ‘Wellington’. Cell phone footage was taken of them in a bar there that, well, doesn’t look very platonic. Now the film is grainy and crappy and it’s hard as hell to tell what’s going on, but some people see kissing, some hear the girl say ‘oh my god they’re kissing’, and there for SURE is cuddling/upright spooning action. I’m going to say I’m not sold on this one. I’ll leave you the link and you decide! It’s really short.
tumblr_m30ghkWa5b1qzgdofo1_500.png  also, this from the guy who owned the video. He later changed his story about 600 times…but that goes in the “weird things” category. I’ll leave this one alone for now.
The other near miss is a quick video of them walking down the street “holding hands” . As soon as one of them sees a camera the hand goes in the pocket very quick like. Again, this is another thing I kinda buy (far more than Wellington). I’m having a hard time coming up with another reason for what happened here. I mean I guess they could be “bros hand holding”. It happens. I imagine. Anyway, you decide for yourself. I’m open to explanations:)
tumblr_m9dpkciEvA1rnjfa7.gif  (found it in GIF form. Can’t be bothered to find the whole thing.)
tumblr_m9dpohIgdA1rnjfa7.gif  afterwards walking closer to whoever’s filming, head down. Harry’s a rockstar. He didn’t move his arm:) Out of the two he seems to be the one who cares less if people think he’s gay.  Actually, he doesn’t seem to care at all, which I think is cool.
Poppy: As those of you who’ve met me know, I’m a touchy-feely kind of gal. But come on, even I don’t get *this* up close and personal with my friends! 
3. Subtle but not so subtle Touches
Okay. Let’s be real. This whole group touches a lot. A LOT a lot. There’s a reason that the typical shipping OTP (or one true pairing) got turned into OT5 for them. It’s kind of like a big cute puppy orgy complete with butt touching, fake make outs…crotch grabbing? Yeah, they do that too. But again, Harry and Louis touch a lot more. And quite often it doesn’t have that “Fanservice” element to it. It actually seems like nobody was supposed to see it…or they don’t really care who sees it but they just had to touch. A few GIFs below:)
tumblr_m1gd1lXxFT1r3wk77o1_500.gif  IDK about you but I nibble seductively on my friends all the time. I mean, it’s a thing, right?
Tumblr_m2lh3zoig61qbhk9c.gif   hee hee hee stop teasing me Louis!! Heee heee heee
tumblr_m2lfsgvFcT1qbhk9c.gif Casual upright spooning. No big.
tumblr_m2le2mRdak1qbhk9c.gif  awww hand holding on the X factor.
tumblr_m2apglkcR61r6943u.gif  Ohhh the hair stroking. There is MUCH of this.
tumblr_m2km4ak9GW1rrjb1lo1_500.gif  Sure everyone caresses their buddies’ cheek when they whisper. IN AN INTERVIEW.
tumblr_m32ibc4nPf1rsm5ipo1_r4_400.gif  (This one is hot. I seriously want to know what Harry said cause this was followed by a good minute of squirming.)
tumblr_m2ldhmKWqs1qbhk9c.jpg  grooming? awwwww
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ip_wVfOb0 (a whole interview of constant touching)
This next video is one of Poppy’s favorites. Mine too. It actually made my stomach flip too like I was seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see. Go to 3:53 and watch. It’s just a moment but…well, decide for yourself. It’s a combo for me of all three guys. Those main two and camera blocker Zayn. (see the section about the other boys’ reactions below)
After I just typed that I sat here and thought about how I know all of their names and faces just like a teenage girl…. Good lord. I blame research. RESEARCH. Continuing on…
Poppy: Sure, M.J. It’s all in the name of research. But seriously, go watch that video above at 3:53. Tell me you don’t feel like you’re watching a secret touch between a couple! I dare ya! Gah, everytime I see it my stomach does that little stomach flip, too. 
I also have my favorite “grooming” moment. In this video, at about :41 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxmId33_UTw&feature=player_embedded Louis looks at Harry and says “I’m not sure about your fringe.” Harry immediately fixes his hair and looks to Louis for approval. Aww! <3
4. The “Secret” Signal
They do this thing. They do it a lot. It looks like a thumbs up, but it’s more. Often, they’ll do the thumbs up but then bump their knuckles together and give each other these weird little flirtatious smiles. OH, and btw, they said they were learning sign language. Hmmmm…We were suspicious. So much so, Piper asked our friend who knows ASL and he said the way they’re doing it means “sweethearts”. Yeah. Wow.  So that’s a thing. We don’t really know for sure what it means to them but we do know they giggle a lot and exchange significant glances when they do it so there ya go. A few GIFs below:)
http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9dqttd6dJ1rnjfa7.png  That right there? That’s it in joined form. They do it separately a lot too though.
http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0qte5ahUm1rqstuho2_250.gif  see? Under the table. Nobody was supposed to notice that.
http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2u29bVAxv1qdghmvo1_500.gif  (could Harry’s body language be any flirtier here? Lol. )
Anyway, again. They do it a LOT. There are more examples of it than I could ever post here.
Poppy: This is one of those times that “proof” makes me nod in agreement. Like MJ said, I don’t know what this secret symbol means to the two of them, but it obviously has some sort of meaning. Just look at the smiles on their faces when one sees the other doing it. *happy sigh* They are so in love. 
5. Harry’s Freudian Slip ups  
Harry Styles is famous for using gender neutral pronouns in interviews. When asked what kind of girl he likes he changes it to “someone who is funny”, or “they have to make me laugh”. Always.  Well, always except for once. When he accidentally said “him”. I’ll link the video below. Just go to 3:53. And if you look at the face he makes after he says him? Haha. I will always laugh. It looks like his life is flashing in front of his eyes.
Another time in an interview he nearly said…well nobody’s sure what he nearly said cause he caught himself. But it sure sounded like he was about to say “my boyfriend came and picked me up.” because after that he got all awkward and changed it to “someone picked me up and I had to drop him back off…” etcetera etcetera flustered babbling. Again with the life flashing in front of his eyes too. Harry needs to work on his poker face. Actually don’t. We like the entertainment.  The interview is LOOONNG…but Harry and Niall are kinda cute and funny. Start at 10:54 to see what I’m talking about.
Note: This interview is also interesting, because he actually said when asked… “what is a turnoff in a girl?” And made it very clear that he was talking about girls (and not guys I’d imagine) — then gave a really dumb jokey answer. I think it was Spitting. He also made the distinction of saying “I had a lot of friends who were girls” instead of implying that he was good with the ladies…interesting? Perhaps.
Poppy: Yep. Harry isn’t big on the denial. And he’s very careful with his use of gender-neutral pronouns. Proof? I don’t know. But it sure does make you wonder…
6. Photoban or BS?
This one’s actually kind of serious…or it could be nothing and I just don’t have a clue:) There are rumors that back in the UK there is actually a photoban out on them, meaning paps can’t take (or maybe they just can’t be published) pics of the two of them together in public unless they’re out as “One Direction”. Now, I in no way know a damn thing about this but these Larry Shipper girls have actually asked media experts who assure them it’s very possible and has happened before. Now I (and Poppy) realize this could be massive amounts of conspiracy theory bullshit. Neither one of us are experts. Here’s what I do know. There are times when both boys have been places and there are pictures of them with everyone else there, but no pictures of them in the same screen. So they were there. And they weren’t papped together. And they’re famous for the gay rumors so wouldn’t those pictures be paparazzi gold? 
Just think about it…
Poppy: This one kinda breaks my heart a little. When the good ship Larry Stylinson first started sailing, we got tons of pics of the two of them together and being flirty and sweet. Seems strange to me that all of a sudden those pictures have disappeared. If they are nothing but friends, why can’t we see them together? 
7. Mario Kart (aka the best interview EVER)
There really is no explanation for this interview other than they weren’t talking about Mario Kart for a single second…and “Mario Kart” was pretty much blatant euphemism for sex. Quick breakdown for those who have a hard time understanding boys with accents who mumble a lot. Starting at 5:35 in the video. Seriously, watch from there till the end. It’s like sexual innuendo city. I laughed.
… The interviewer makes a rather obvious innuendo: “Harry and Louis you have a special  relationship that people have picked up on. Blah blah blah. Who is in front and who is behind when you “play mario kart”. (or something like that).  And you know they all get it (well, all except for poor clueless Liam in the back) cause two of the boys start giggling and Harry feels the need to clarify “you mean, who is in front and who is behind?” (more giggling) They go on to explain that they’re very generous to each other and when Louis is tired, well yeah. You’ll see. (LOL) I don’t really take this seriously. It’s joking. Or maybe “joking but not really joking”…right Mr. Snicket? Either way, it’s funny as hell. Probably my favorite thing One Direction has ever done. Including their music.  (remember start at 5:35 unless you really want to watch the whole thing)
And just in case you didn’t get what I said above:
“What is the best way to keep a secret, Mister Snicket? Tell it to everyone you know, but pretend you are kidding.”  — Lemony Snicket. Series of Unfortunate Events.  <3
Poppy: I have to agree with MJ that this one isn’t so much proof as it is seriously entertaining. I laugh every time I see them carrying on and being about as unsubtle as possible. The funniest thing to me though is Liam’s cluelessness. Trying to beat 2 minutes Liam? Really. LOL
8. My favorite game: Spot the Couple
The pictures speak for themselves. It’s kind of adorable. There’s Harry and Louis…and the other three. By the way, sometimes the band is two couples and then poor little Niall (awwww I  <3 Niall). I’ll include a double date shot in here for fun. Ziam, which is Zayn and Liam, they’re really only a few steps behind Larry in PDA. At least they admit that they’ve kissed once. They’re kind of pretty together. Mmmm… But that’s a whole other story. I’ll leave it for another day.
tumblr_m24sfa8PNa1rox1lho1_500.jpg  lol.. Really Harry? Really?
tumblr_m268fmN5NO1qm2t9oo1_500.png  ( off in their own little cuddle. Not sure why the circle is there…oh never mind. Harry’s grabbing his ass again.)
Self explanatory. And adorable.
tumblr_m2ldxmJC1V1qbhk9c.jpg …yeah the other three were there. I promise.
tumblr_lefqsbkQo41qfn2sno1_500.jpg just a little stage cuddle. No big.
tumblr_mchzugdmqy1rwv64go1_500.jpg this one is verging on double date…but Larry is in their own little corner kisspering away.
tumblr_m2np61XS5z1qdtmnj.png couple and awkward interloper.
http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4fo7cIM4D1rn2v9o.gif The rest of them could get to the bus on their own. Apparently Louis needed help from harry’s lips.
LOL. The bottom one is another double date: tumblr_mdg4tdbLfW1qh787go1_500.png  (and Niall)
9.  The other boys’ reactions
This is actually kind of a long and involved topic including body language, instinctive reactions, and lots of stuff that could easily be analyzed to death. I’ll just do a few little points.
1. Niall. He’s the little blond Irish one. He’s been dubbed “Captain of the Larry Ship” because by all appearances he likes the idea of Harry and Louis as a couple as much as the girls. He also does stuff like glance at Harry when Louis’ girlfriend is brought up (again, she is another LONG topic), or watch them when they’re doing the secret signal, or says stuff in interviews like “I’m their spokesperson and they don’t want to discuss their relationship.” His behavior is odd if those two are “only friends”.
2. He’s not the only one. The other boys tend to watch them too. And defend them with body language, cover for them (like in that video above) … And get really squirrely/oddly smiley when the subject of Larry is brought up. And the smiley-ness is decidedly odd now since it’s gotten to be an uncomfortable topic for Louis (at least according to print articles) and would be something not to smile over but to annoyed by.
3. Stirring up shit. The other boys…insinuate things regarding Harry and Louis. Especially lately. They like to say stuff like “Larry is our friend” or allude to the possible fact that Larry is living together, or “but aren’t you bringing your man?” (to Louis from Zayn). Yeah. I really have zero idea what that’s all about. That stuff is all over every interview. It’s a pain to find…but if you’re so inclined, I’m sure you can. Again, with how tense Louis has supposedly been over the rumors lately, I’m not sure why they’re doing it. Seems…weird.
A few pictures as example — even though this mostly happens in motion and verbally —
tumblr_m37yk6yGfj1qbtghmo1_500.jpg this cracks me up. It’s an actual photoshoot shot of Harry and louis watching each other and everyone else watching them. Art representing life??
Here’s Captain Niall. 🙂 he’s adorable by the way. I like the Irishness…

See how Niall sees Harry getting grabbed by the girl and he looks at Louis? Notice Louis’s pissy expression! 

10. Love Bites and Suspicious Bruises
Sometimes Louis has hickeys when his girlfriend is on another continent and has been on another continent for days and days. Sometimes Harry has them at the exact same time, along with these odd bruises that quite often show up on the same spot on his arm. Hmmmmm…. No comment (kinky boys). But I shall include pictures:) Let’s just say, Louis is having fun with someone and it’s not his girlfriend. Who knows for sure what Harry’s deal is. I’ve heard the boys say jokingly before that they all give each other love bites to be jerks. 1. If that’s true I’d like some video footage of it please!  2. How come nobody else ever has visible hickeys?

11. Cute as Hell Jealousy
This speaks for itself. Some touching seems to be fine, but then they both appear to not like it toomuch when the other guys touch or get too close.  I’ll include some GIFs and my absolute favorite short video where Harry has a fake but not so fake hissy fit when Louis’ attention is elsewhere instead of on him. The jealousy might not be romantic, but it’s there. There’s lots of…nope. You can’t touch him.
tumblr_m3snopdkCv1qg5snoo2_250.gif  I love the “that’s enough cuddling with Zayn, honey” knee pat. Best part is, Louis listens.
tumblr_m3snopdkCv1qg5snoo1_250.gif  Did you seriously just touch my man interviewer dude?
tumblr_m3bkyfeS961qgahfro3_500.gif Okay, Zayn. No more touching Harry… (you’ll notice Zayn is often the source of jealousy between them.)
tumblr_m3snopdkCv1qg5snoo3_250.gif This time it’s Liam. Liam, back off…
tumblr_m23kzhinWj1qhbc2uo1_500.gif (jealousy plus hand signals. Lol)
(video is here. This is cute…and again it’s Zayn. It’s only a minute I think)
12. Smokescreens, “Weird stuff”, and lack of actual denial.
I’m going to keep this short and sweet even though the topic is long and involved and quite possibly the most conspiracy theory – ish thing I’ve read into since the Davinci Code. Here goes.
1. Smokescreens:  Smokescreen One. Louis has a girlfriend. Snort. Okay, I’ll be fair. He might be straight — not that it matters. I’m not saying she’s not really his girlfriend or that she’s a beard etc. I’m saying there is a lot about their very publicized, used to promo products, overly papped relationship that seems a bit fishy.
Smokescreen Two: Harry as a manwhore. Now again, he’s a young guy. He’s allowed to have fun. BUT articles released about how he’s slept with 400+ women this year and is called a Lothario, while touring constantly, recording a new album AND doing promo? Now remember, they’re supposed to be the sweet squeaky clean Nickelodeon boyband. If his PR team is cool with that kind of constant scandalous press (when Harry himself has said it’s not true), in my opinion there’s something else that needs to be hidden. Better to be a manwhore than ???? Yeah. And of course there’s Haylor (that would be Harry and Taylor Swift). They’re supposedly in this heated relationship…but awkwardly nobody has ever taken a picture of them in the same room.
2. Lack of Verbal Denial:  All this “Larry” speculating could’ve ended a long time ago if one of them in a pleasant and nonchalant voice said “Oh, haha, the bromance stuff is funny but we’re just friends.” Louis has said it about him and Liam. Harry has said it about him and Niall. But they’ve never said it about each other… There’s just really weird brush offs. “Oh, some fans think Harry and I are together. Crazy, huh?” BTW. Harry never ever talks.
Now there are print denials all over the place. If it’s that easy in a magazine, how come you can’t say it in person? Food for thought.
3. Weird Stuff: Oh man. Yeah. There’s a lot. Tweets that don’t line up, vacation shots that were photoshopped, things deleted, the old One Direction youtube account with “someone” (one of the five boys who ran it) saying they’d go straight for Cheryl Cole…. The list of things that don’t add up in this situation is really long and yeah. Weird. Especially for people that have nothing to hide. The link I provided below goes into the weird stuff in depth.
I bet PR teams miss the days before twitter and tumblr and blogs and cell phones. Just sayin.
Okay this has gone on FAR too long.
If you want to know more…this chick is pretty much the Larry messiah: http://reasonswhylarrystylinsonisreal.tumblr.com/post/22345529322/reasons-why-larry-stylinson-is-real-masterpost  There is HOURS worth of stuff on here that I didn’t even start to get into…hours. Just a warning. You might get sucked in. Even if you don’t believe, it’s hard not to look.
Poppy: Trust me, if you go to that masterpost, you will get caught in a time warp. Next thing you know, a day will have passed and you’re still reading about Larry…
That’s all for me!!
XOXO  (I totally just felt like gossip girl for a second)
🙂 MJ
Poppy: There is so much weird stuff with these guys it just doesn’t add up to anything but love. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! In the end, there’s just one question…
 And now for my favorite part of the Poppy Birthday Bash, those pesky questions that I agreed to answer as “payment” for these posts!

1. What name for a male character have you always wanted to use but haven’t yet?
Well, huh. That’s a stumper. Cause I’ve used most of my favorite names already! Couldn’t you have asked me this yesterday before I just used my newest favorite name on a new character?? Huh?? Okay, let me ponder…Oh! I know. I really love the name Skylar. I was planning to use it in an upcoming book, but it doesn’t work so I had to change that guy to something new. So…I will have a Skylar one day when it works! 🙂 
2. What’s your favorite flavor of Ice cream. Why?
OMG…hands down, Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. For serious real. Caramel icecream on one side, fudge ice cream on the other, with a big ole gooey hunk of caramel down the middle. *whimpers* I need some. Right now! 
3. What is your favorite paranormal universe other than your own?
Dang it, MJ! I can’t answer that! There are too darn many! Okay, if I have to pick just one, I’ll go with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake universe. I love how she weaved in so many different elements of the paranormal world. She has vampires and shifters and every other paranormal element you can think of, and some you can’t! (But J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is right up there as well as Mary Calmes Change of Heart werepanther series…panthers and egyptian mythology for the win!)

M.J. O’Shea has been writing romance since algebra class in sixth grade (when most of her stories starred her and Leonardo DiCaprio). When she’s not writing, she loves listening to nearly all types of music, painting, reading great authors, and on those elusive sunny days in the Pacific Northwest, she loves driving on the freeway with her windows rolled down and her stereo on high.