Suit Up Sunday: Charlie Harding

So this Suit Up Sunday post comes with a very special guest. I know, I know, all the handsome suited guys on here are special, but this one….well, you’ll see. 🙂

So just to keep things official-like, here’s the oh-so handsome Charlie Harding in a suit.

Isn’t he drool-worthy? *wibble*

As Charlie himself told me recently on Twitter, “They don’t call me DADDY for nothing.”

Oh Daddy. *ahem*

So not only is he really great in a suit, he’s really really great out of one.

And look at that ink! He has even more now, but this is a great pic of him so…yeah.

Just look. And enjoy.

Uh-huh. Where was I?

Oh right, why this is a special Suit Up Sunday post.

Because I have an absolute favorite picture of Charlie.


I am a lucky, lucky gal.

Charlie was kind enough to agree to be on the cover of my first Wilde City Press book “Accidental Alpha” which is coming September 11, 2013!

I think it’s the best picture yet. 🙂

Here’s the blurb:

A quiet life. A break from the dangers of being a cop. Yep, Lex Tompkins has his future all worked out. That is, until fate—or rather the stray toddler from the house across the street—bites those plans in the ass. Well, technically Lex’s neck. Suddenly, he’s transformed into the Alpha of the secret werewolf clan hiding in the perfect, out of the way neighborhood of Lex’s dreams.
Now Lex is the unlikely leader of a dysfunctional pack… except for Spencer Robinson, the one shifter Lex can’t seem to keep his paws off. Will Spencer be able to teach Lex how to embrace who he has truly become?
Because accidents happen…
…but fate marks its own territory.
You can find more info here at Wilde City Press.

Suit Up Sunday: Ben Affleck

Oh how the internet blew up at the news that Ben Affleck was cast as the next Batman. I didn’t really blow up. I mean, I think Ben’s a good-looking and talented guy. Okay, so Daredevil wasn’t my favorite…but I can’t think of many actors who haven’t had a miss.

Anyway, I thought I’d take this opportunity to spotlight Ben as part of my Suit Up Sunday posts, because I’ve gotta tell you, the man can rock a suit.

Now, I’d like to go back a year or two and say that I think Ben’s performance in Pearl Harbor was awesome. I really love that movie. Plus, he got to rock the uniform.

Oh I love a jaunty set of a hat!

Okay, but back to suits. Now, in order to be Batman, Ben also has to be…Bruce Wayne. You with me on this one? So yeah, Bruce wears suits. And tuxes. A lot. See comics evidence:

See what I mean? Suits. Tuxes. Bruce Wayne. Billionaire. He’s gotta be able to rock the suit.

I’d just like to toss out there that Ben can rock a suit.


That’s my official opinion on the subject.

Um, he also rocks no suit…but that’s a post for another day…

Suit Up Sunday: Chad Allen

Next up in my 80’s flashback series of Suit Up Sunday, is teen heartthrob Chad Allen. True confession time: I had so many pictures of this guy hanging on my bedroom wall. Seriously. If he was in Tiger Beat or whatever magazine for tweens was on the shelf, I had to have it. Sigh. I had such a crush on him!

It all started wen I first saw Chad on the TV show “Our House”. See, my mom had watched Days of Our Lives for years with Deidre Hall. Well, when mom found out Deidre was going to be on a new show, we had to watch it.

And so began my teenage crush!

Chad was on several other shows over the years (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman comes to mind…Cowboy!Chad…YES PLEASE!)

It didn’t hurt at all that Chad just happens to be my age! We sort of grew up together in a way.

And boy howdy did he ever grow up nicely!

These days, Chad Allen is out as a gay man and plays many gay roles. He even played a gay character on General Hospital: Night Shift (and some of you know how much I love me some GH!).

So who was your tweenage crush? Which Tiger Beat pictures did you carefully tear out and tape to your bedroom wall?

Come on….you can tell me. 🙂

Suit Up Sunday: Breakfast Club

In this week’s 80’s flashback episode of Suit Up Sunday, I’m featuring the boys from the Breakfast Club. Oh the days of John Hughes movies…and this one is still one of my favorites *gulp* almost 30 years later. So let’s have a look at the Breakfast Club boys then and now.

First up, Emilio Estevez as the popular jock, Andrew. You know, you have to love to hate him in some ways. But I guess that’s how it works in these kinds of movies, huh?

I had to chuckle looking back at the pictures though. Hoodies were even in style in the 80’s. He he he. (Ahem…it makes me think of Stiles….and Teen Wolf…and Sterek…but I digress…)

So these days, Emilio looks more like this: 

Moving on, we’ve got to talk about the 80’s favorite Geek, Anthony Michael Hall. I think every girl from the 80’s has a soft spot in their heart for AMH. I mean, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science…classics! But my favorite of his performances was as Brian in The Breakfast Club.

His narration of the letter at the end….serious love on my part.

So where is he now?
Yeah…somebody isn’t a geek any more!!!!

And finally….last but certainly not least….

John Bender, played by Judd Nelson. Man, I never wanted to give a guy an earring so bad in my life…..yeah, those of you who’ve seen the movie know exactly what I mean by that, doncha? he he he

So the resident bad boy grew up too.

So there they are. The boys of the Breakfast Club, then and now.


I think I’m going to have to watch the movie again, how about you?

So what was your favorite 80’s movie??

And I’ll leave you with this, the iconic dance scene in the movie.

Suit Up Sunday: Jon Bon Jovi

For this month’s Suit Up Sunday posts, I’m doing an 80’s flashback month! I was a tween in the 80’s (way to date yourself there self…) and love going back and remembering the things that had me squeeing all over the place. Throughout August, I’ll be sharing which 80’s stars were plastered in posters all over my bedroom walls!

The first…whoa. Jon Bon Jovi.

Yeah. I think it was a combination of the hair and the cheekbones. Okay, who am I kidding. It was totally the hair. Tween Me didn’t know anything about cheekbones.

And his voice….yeah. Slippery When Wet was one of the first albums I ever owned. I played it over and over and over and…you get the point.

Best part about JBJ? He’s aged *really* well.

Like…yeah. How did he do that exactly? He should bottle it.


There aren’t a lot of 80’s musicians I still listen to regularly, but Bon Jovi is definitely one of them.

It’s not *all* because I like to look at Jon and listen to his voice…but yeah, that’s a lot of it.

And just to keep things all “legal-like”, here he is in a suit.

Yeah. He’s awesome.

So tell me, who did you have plastered all over your walls when you were a tween? Come on. Tell your Poppy. I need to know these things! 

And as a bonus, here’s one of those Bon Jovi songs I always crank up and sing at the top of my lungs. In fact, you should probably be thankful that you aren’t at my house right now…cause I’m totally singing right now!

Suit Up Sunday: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I must give credit where credit is due for this week’s Suit Up Sunday inspiration. Back in May, I interviewed Cardeno C about the Mates series. Cardeno confessed to a celebrity crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I found myself intrigued.

I got my Google-fu on and discovered some really inspiring suit pics of Cardeno’s crush!

But it went further than that…because I’m pretty sure this adorable fella can have entire conversations with his eyebrows.

Yep. Conversations. Which I then had to imagine, because I’m just that dorky. Don’t judge me.

It went something like this:

Poppy: Dude, you have conversations with your eyebrows. That’s a pretty spectacular talent.

Imaginary Joseph: Oh really. Has anyone ever told you that you’re weird?

Poppy: Um, no comment. But seriously, you convey things…with your eyebrows. How exactly does that work?

Imaginary Joseph: *headscratch* I have no idea how to answer that question.

Poppy: Sigh. Well, I suppose you don’t have to answer. I mean, it’s clear that you have this extraordinary talent. I’ve witnessed it first hand through my Google search. You can’t deny it!

Imaginary Joseph: Can someone get me out of here? This crazy person is obsessing about my eyebrows and I think I need to escape before the conversation goes any further!

Poppy: No, no! Don’t leave yet! I haven’t shown your eyebrow smiley smirk yet!

Imaginary Joseph: Eyebrow smiley smirk? I think I need to patent that phrase.

Poppy: Please do! Cause it’s adorable! Just like you are!

Suit Up Sunday: Ed Sheeran

Normally for Suit Up Sunday, I post pics of sexy shirtless hunks. This week’s post features a guy who is sexy on an entirely new level: the adorable ginger singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

I sincerely hope you all know who Ed Sheeran is. If not, go to youtube immediately. I insist! His voice is just…yeah. And his songs are beautiful. *swoons*

I’d go on and on about how cute he is but, well, I really think you just need to experience the awesome that is Ed by listening rather than looking!

So clicky the awesome video below and have a listen to my favorite Ed song.

Suit Up Sunday: Chris Evans

Chris Evans
He could save me any day…

In honor of this month’s Independence Day celebration, I couldn’t think of a better nominee for Suit Up Sunday than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

Does suiting up as Captain America count as a suit? Hmm. The things I ponder. It’s a tough job. No really.

I’d hate to break my own rules for Suit Up Sunday so I suppose I should post him in a suit as well. You know. Just to follow the rules. Not because he looks amazing in a suit. No. That’s not it at all.

(I’m such a liar…it’s totally because he looks amazing in a suit too.)

Chris Evans Suit

I mean, when he’s all clean-shaven and sexy as Captain America…yeah. That works.

But the scruffy sultry thing he’s got going on in the suit and tie?

Drool city.

And as if that wasn’t enough, then we have him sans suit. You know, just because I want to make sure you have a well-rounded selection. Yep. That’s the reason.

I only have one thing to say about this…

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Suit Up Sunday: Isaac Lahey (aka Daniel Sharman)

Isaac Lahey, Teen Wolf
In a suit, just to be official-like

It’s time again for another edition of Suit Up Sunday, in which I drool over whichever fella has caught my attention this week. And boy has Isaac on Teen Wolf caught my fancy lately.

I must admit that my Sterek obsession kept poor Isaac in the background for a while. I know, I know. I’ve been missing out. I mean, Isaac has been one of my favorites for a while, because gah do I have a thing for the poor kicked puppy.

And Isaac gets kicked. A lot. And he has puppy face and puppy eyes and OMG I just need to hug him so hard. He needs snuggles! I promise. Lots of snuggles.

And then I saw the reap of Unleashed on Did you see it? No? Go here and look. You’ll laugh hysterically and start using new terms like “twunk” in daily conversation. It’s a thing.

The lovely author of that post pointed out that Isaac is like the statue of David come to life.

Um. Yeah. He kinda is. Proof:
I see the resemblance.

And also posted an incredible gif of one of my favorite moments from the episode. Yep. Didn’t mind that at all.

*ahem* Where was I? Right. Isaac. (And Danny…because DAMN Danny. I sense another Suit Up Sunday inspiration…)

So yeah. Isaac. Kicked puppy with puppy eyes. Really adorable. And werewolfy. *nods* Works for me.

Suit Up Sunday: Alexander Skarsgard

Eric Northman TuxedoSo, I have a bit of a weakness. It’s a man in a tux. There’s just something so…*rawr*…about that black and white with the bow tie and yeah….

Then you add Alexander Skarsgard’s sulty stare? Forget about it. I’m done for. I mean really, is he trying to kill me with that come hither look? Cause I tried to climb into the laptop to lick him but….

(You didn’t need to know that, did you?)

Eric Northman in bedAnd as if the man doesn’t do *really* good things to a tuxedo, he looks amazing out of one too! How fair is that?

I mean, not that I’m going to complain or anything. Please, take your shirt off. Anytime. No really. And if you want to lounge in bed, I know one you can rest your weary head on any day of the week!

Seriously. How does he do that with the look?

Oh, and then there’s this.

Kill me. Seriously. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t say that considering…(heh)

And the best of all. He’s ba-ack. Well, Eric’s back on True Blood anyway. And I for one cannot wait to see how he gets himself out of this mess.