Marketing Minute: Don’t neglect your Facebook Page

Poppy Dennison Marketing Minute


Welcome to Marketing Minute! In this series, I’ll give a quick tip along with a few resources you can use to make improvements to your Author Marketing Strategy!




Today’s tip: Don’t neglect your Facebook page. 9-FB-Posts-to-Engage-Pin-408x1024

I’m often asked by authors why they should bother with a Facebook Page as part of their marketing strategy. Most of us get the most interaction on our profiles anyway, and the majority of posts on a Page don’t get shown to readers anyway. So why bother?

When a reader finds your page, and there hasn’t been any activity on it lately (or ever), what does that look like? It makes it seem like you aren’t an active author. If you’re lucky, they’ll hunt you down in another way, but that’s not always the case.

Page posts don’t have to be daily, but you should post something once a week or so. This is a great place to post links of reviews and other happenings for your new releases. Don’t know what to post in between book releases? Check out this post: 30 Facebook Business Page Post Ideas. I’m a big fan of the infographics in this post! I even printed the one shown here and keep it in my Marketing Binder for when I’m stuck on ideas.

Don’t be afraid to use your Google-fu to hunt down other post ideas. I’m a big fan of Pinterest searches too! (I have a “secret board” where I pin ideas that I stumble across so I’ll have them all in one easy place.)

Also make sure your Facebook Page is as up to date as you can make it. Add milestones of important events, like a book’s release or attendance at a conference. Is your website address easy to find from your Page? Is your profile image consistent with your branding?

I love that I can schedule posts on my Facebook Page. Make sure you take advantage of this when things get busy in Author land and schedule ahead a few posts. Don’t forget to check for comments though!


Do you have a Facebook Page? How do you use it? Leave me a comment and let me know!